The heart in your body pumps blood and the vascular system takes it to all the organs. Together they form the cardiovascular system. A healthy lifestyle, proper nutritious diet and regular exercise is much needed to keep your heart healthy, more so, as age progresses. Keeping a check on your heart’s health at regular intervals is also imperative to prevent its dysfunctioning. Being consistent with your health checkups can help you in leading a happy & healthy life and thereby preventing major sudden-medical costs and trauma.
It is a non-invasive heart investigation that creates images of the sections of the heart using sound vibrations. It presents the various parts of the heart as in pictures so that it becomes easy to check if there is any damage or blockages, and blood flow rate.
Lives are becoming stressful each day, and the changes in the environment and food habits also impact your health and heart. Hence, it is very important to keep a check on the working of your heart so that you can take appropriate corrective action at the right time in case of any malfunctioning. You can opt for the Full Body Health Checkup package offered by Indus Health Plus to get this test done along with other organ tests.



M.B.B.S, P.G.D.C.C (Clinical Cardiologist)